On the 9th – 11th of April, 2010 I attended the annual Nature recording Workshop presented by Naturesound.org in Seattle, Washington.

A short video of the workshop is available here: Workshop Video. And at the 1:58 mark if you look carefully you might spot the elusive Stan Courtney.

From the Naturesound.org website we find Martyn’s bio:

Martyn Stewart is an audio/naturalist specializing in location and field recordings, mostly for natural history documentaries.

Many of Martyn’s sounds have been included in over 150 feature films, radio and TV.

His nature sounds have also found their way to CD’s books accompanying Cd’s, bio-accoustic study data collection research and commissioned field work acquisitions.

INSTRUCTORS: Martyn Stewart, Mark Oberle and Curt Black

Classroom consisted of Basics of Sound Recording, Microphones, Recording techniques, Recorder and Microphone Choice,  Editing and metadata, Filtering and the use of sonograms.  We spent 3 hours each day in the field where we had a chance to try out different types of microphones and techniques.

It was a wonderful weekend being instructed by true professionals in the field of nature recording.  I was able to benefit from the one on one instruction and I am hopeful to be able to improve my own recording technique.

A big thank you to Alexia to allow me to record her Song to a Winter Wren.  Please give it a listen.

I would like to encourage anyone who is “serious” about their nature recording to consider attending this great yearly workshop.