If you are in a remote site and not sure if sasquatch frequent the area a very effective technique is to use an electonic bullhorn or megaphone. They are easy to use and lightweight.

I was taught this method by John Andrews of Washington State. You can listen to my interview in the field with John here: Washington – 48 in ’08. John’s wonderful recordings can be listened to at Sasquatch Research.net.

Recordings that I have obtained after using the megaphone include:


Unusual Calls


A Walk in the Woods



Squatchin’ Near Naches, WA

On the 15th and 16th of May, 2009 a group of researchers camped in the mountains west of Naches, Washington while attending the “Yakima Bigfoot Round-up”.

After a series of calls I recorded three return calls, the first sounded like the Tahoe Scream and the next two sounded like the Illinois Howl.


Most of the return calls I have heard have been from a great distance and when recorded were buried down in the white noise.