Recently I made a comment about how I disliked the term “sound blasting”.

Reader Scott M submitted the following comment :

All methods fall under the concept of Acoustic Attraction…by wood-knocking…by mechanical call…by vocal immitation…by electronic amplification. I’ll settle on “Amplified Acoustic Attraction.” I like “Sound Braodcasting” too. Keep up the good work.

I really like the term Acoustic Attraction because it takes out the negative image of giant speakers blasting out 120 dB of suspected sasquatch sounds. On the negative side, will readers even know what we are talking about by using a different term.

John Frietas, of Northern California and is generally acknowledged as the “father” of sound blasting techniques.

As time has rolled along techniques have evolved and equipment has been refined.

The field of Acoustic Attraction is huge in the fact that almost any human activity may attract the attention of sasquatches. There are reports (both published and unpublished) of sasquatch activity being associated with the following list:

– Human activity that is normal in the course of daily life.

1. Children playing. Click here for a winter video of my own boys taken years ago.

2. Human babies crying.

3. Vehicles stopping along the woods (day or night).

4. Car doors slamming.

5. Common camping sounds, splitting of wood, campfires.

6. Hikers walking through the woods.

7. Fishing

8. Hunting

9. Berry picking

10. Mushroom hunting

11. Late night parking

and then you can add to the above list more outward human activity.

12. Singing or playing of musical instruments i.e. harmonicas, guitars, Jew’s harps, didgeridoo.

13. Human calls or vocalizations without using electronic amplification.

14. Wood knocks

15. Rock clacking

16. Calls and vocalizations broadcast using sound amplification equipment.