On the evening of the 3rd of June 2011, I met up with Moose, a DJ from WLDJ  – 95.7 The Rock and some of his friends and took me to a remote area squatchin’ in Jefferson County in Southern Illinois. My goals for the night were to do some road walking, wood knock and sound blast in an attempt to elicit perhaps a response from one the sasquatch that has been reported to inhabit this part of Illinois.

In attendance were Moose of WLDJ,  Jeff ( an associate of Moose’s) and also owner of GTS Highland, Dave ( also a friend of  Moose’s) and Jeff Ludington, a local bigfoot researcher.

Although there were varying degrees of acceptance of the bigfoot phenomena, from sceptic to want-to-believe sceptic the subject was still approached from a manner of respect and non-ridicule.

The five hours we spent on location were live-streamed to the internet courtesy of Jeff, the owner of GTS Highland.

It was a very quiet night but none the less a great opportunity to introduce interested folks into what saquatchin’ is all about. The distant howls that Moose and Dave heard unfortunately were of too great a distance to be picked up by our recording gear.

For a short clip of part of nights recordings please click here: Jefferson County